Mini-YGDAI Card Matching

    Mini-YGDAI card matching table shows the number of cards available on the host device. To prevent equipment failure, please use a safe combination of cards as shown by the results.

    [Caution] Yamaha does not guarantee the performance of third-party products on the matching table. For more information including product specifications, please contact the dealer or manufacturer.

  1. 1. Click [Select] button of the host model.Please read the displayed [NOTE] carefully that gives important information on the use of specific cards with the host model.
  2. 2. Please select the QTY of the card(s) you would like to install into the host model, and click [Check] to see if you can safely use them in combination. You cannot select QTY of the cards unusable with the host model. Total QTY should not exceed the available number of slots.
  3. 3. If you would like to try different configuration, please click [Clear] and follow 2.


Selected model? Number of slots Result Card selected
LS9-32 2 - -


- Input channels of MY8-LAKE card cannot be selected as the word clock master.
- As LAKE processing runs at 96kHz, SRC works automatically against 44.1kHz/88.2kHz audio signals.

- Use MY8-ADDA96 by setting the mode to AE.
- For AudioService MY16MADI64, use two cards (one master card and one slave cards) as one set.
- Use RN.141.MY by setting the mode to 16AT.

Yamaha Products

Card Description Item Code Ch Format QTY
AD Card MY4-AD 4 -
AD Card MY8-AD24 8 -
AD Card MY8-AD96 8 -
DA Card MY4-DA 4 -
DA Card MY8-DA96 8 -
AD/DA Card MY8-ADDA96 8 -
AES/EBU Interface Card MY8-AE 8 AES/EBU
AES/EBU Interface Card MY8-AEB 8 AES/EBU
AES/EBU interface Card MY8-AE96 8 AES/EBU
AES/EBU interface Card MY8-AE96S 8 AES/EBU
AES/EBU interface Card MY16-AE 16 AES/EBU
ADAT Interface Card MY8-AT 8 ADAT
ADAT Interface Card MY16-AT 16 ADAT
TDIF Interface Card MY8-TD 8 TDIF
TDIF Interface Card MY16-TD 16 TASCAM
CobraNet Interface Card MY16-CII 16 CobraNet
EtherSound Interface Card MY16-ES64 16 EtherSound
MADI Interface Card MY16-MD64 16 MADI
I/O Expansion Card MY16-EX 16 Original
HD-SDI Demultiplexer Card MY8-SDI-D 8 HD-SDI

Third-party products

Card Description Item Code Ch Format QTY
AVIOM A-Net Interface Card AVIOM16/o-Y1 16 A-Net Pro16
AVIOM A-Net Interface Card AVIOM6416Y2 16 A-Net Pro64
AuviTran EtherSound Interface Card AVY16-ES 16 EtherSound
AuviTran EtherSound Interface Card AVY16-ES100 16 EtherSound
Audinate Dante Interface Card Dante-MY16-AUD 16 Dante
Audinate Dante Interface Card Dante-MY16-AUD2 16 Dante, AES67
AudioService MADI Interface Card MY16MADI64 16 MADI
Dugan Automixing Card Dugan-MY16 16 ADAT
RockNet Interface Card RN.141.MY 16 RockNet
RIEDEL RockNet Interface Card RN.341.MY 16 RockNet
WAVES SoundGrid Interface Card WSG-Y16 V1/V2 16 SoundGrid
OPTOCORE Optical Network I/O Card YG2 16 Optocore
OPTOCORE Optical Network I/O Card YS2 16 Optocore
Pivitec e16i/o-MY Pivitec e16i/o-MY 16 Pivitec audio nework